Monday, October 28, 2013

Bangladeshi Model Ruma Latest News HD Pictures Video

Most of the Bangladeshi ramp model show viewers know ramp model Ruma. She is widely known as a talented Stylish ramp model. Many hot ramp model in Bangladeshi media industry but Ruma is regular and professional.She spend most of the time to ramp modelling and photo session for various magazine.

Ramp model Ruma

Bangladeshi Actress Mahiya Mahi Latest News Exclusive Picture Video Bio

Mahi is now a very popular name in Bangladeshi film industry. Bangladeshi actress Mahiya Mahi came to the industry through Jaaz multimedia. She already created her strong career in the Bangladeshi cinema.Her debut film was 'Valobashar Rong' which was released in 2012. For that film Mahi became to spot light. After 'Valobasher rong' Bangladeshi actress Mahi performed in 'Anno rokom Valobasha', Poramonn', 'Valobasha ajjkal' .Her upcoming Bangla movie is 'Tobuo Valobashi'.There are a lot of film in Mahi's hands and Director Iftakher Chowdhurys 'OGGNI'and Director Shahin sumons 'Dobir shaheber Songsar'are notable of them.

Bangladeshi actress Mahiya Mahi

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bangladeshi Actress Barsha News Picture Video Biography

Bangladeshi model actress Barsha started her career as a film actress but now she is a top model also. Recently Bangladeshi top mobile phone operator Grameen Phone selected Barsha as their brand ambassador. Her notable television advertisement is Keya coconut oil, Maril Splash beauty soap, Grameen phone and recently she performed in 'Chaka washing powder' (TVC).

Bangladeshi Actress Barsha

Bangladeshi Model Shabnaz Sadia Emi Latest HD Pictures News Video Biography

Bangladeshi model Emi is a professional ramp model in Bangladeshi modelling media and it is a long time she is performing in the industry. We saw her gorgeous performance in many fashion show, night club,cultural show. She is very popular ramp model in Bangladeshi ramp modelling industry. Emi is her nick name, her full name is Shabnaz Sadia Emi . Emi took audience attention for her sexy looks and performance. There are many ramp model in Bangladeshi ramp modelling industry like Ahona, Airin sultana, Ishana, Ruma, piya etc but Emi is very professional ramp model so her ramp modelling foundation is very very strong. Here are some hot and sexy photographs of Bangladeshi Model Shabnaz Sadia Emi.

Bangladeshi Model Emi

Bangladeshi Model Actress Ishana Latest HD Pictures News Video Biography

Bangladeshi model  Mounita Khan Ishana is a Bangladeshi Lux Channel i Superstar top contestants in 2009. Ishana was Lux super star first runner up.  Her full name is Mounita Khan Ishana.She was born in 16 December at Comilla. She is also Top a ramp model in Bangladeshi showbiz. Bengali model  Mounita Khan Ishana is a Combination of looks,sexy, hot and traditional Bangladeshi beauty.

Bangladeshi Model Actress Ishana


Bd model Ishana started her media career as a contestant of Lux Chennal I superstar competition 2008. BY that completion she got audience and most first Line media attention.She own second runner up and after that she is busy with her media career.She was getting many TVC and drama offers.Her debut acting is
Tonmoy Tansen’s Telefilm “Firiye Dilam Tomer Prithibi”.

Bangladeshi actress Ishana is also acting TV drama, her recently acing isAkash Buka manus,“Ondho Tirondaj”,“Byfocal”, “Moner Janala”,“Red Line”, “Khonikaloy”, “Genaration Next Dot Com”,“Akasher Nichey Manush”,“Shimana Periye”,“Tal Betal”.

Ishana already successful performed in many super hit (TVC) advertisement. Her most popular television advertisement are 'Fair and lovely max fairness cream','Ifad drinking water', 'Grameen phone welcome tune' and other Grameen phone offer.

Bangladeshi Model Actress Ishana

Bangladeshi Model Actress Ishana

Bangladeshi Model Actress Ishana

Bangladeshi Model Actress Ishana

Bangladeshi Model

Bangladeshi Model

Bangladeshi Model Actress
Ishana is getting many offers from film directors and producers but she is not ready to perform any commercial movie right now. Ishana said after some period of time she could change her decision.

Bangladeshi Model Actress Ishana
Bangladeshi Model Actress Ishana
Bangladeshi Model Actress Ishana

Bangladeshi model actress Ishana's biography:

Full name: Mounita Khan Ishana
Father's name: Mahbubul Alam
Mother's name: Nilima Islam
Birth date:16 December
Home town: Comilla
Current city: Dhaka
First movie: Not release
First drama:(Telefilm)“Firiye Dilam Tomer Prithibi”
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Download hot pictures of Bangladeshi model Ishana.

Mounita Khan Ishana modelling performance video:

Bangladeshi model Ishana video directly download

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bangladeshi Fashion Show Latest News Pictures Video

 The fashion show is an entertainment event as well as a commercial. Every year many fashion shows hold In the country and there are many fashion show performer in the country. Most popular model actress,ramp model represents fashion on a fashion show theater. Popular well established commercial company, magazine arrange fashion show for their commercial & cultural interest. In the post we have included some latest fashion show performers' pictures. There are many well established actor, actress in the Bangladeshi entertainment industry who started their career as a ramp model.

Bangladeshi fashion show picture
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