Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Zakia Bari Momo Biography Pictures Height and Husband

The national award winner Bangladeshi model actress Zakia Bari Momo started her showbiz career with biggest Bangladeshi talent hunting national competition ‘ Nutun Kuri’, In 1995 she got award in dancing. After participating the competition and winning the award Zakia Bari Momo made her attention to her career. So she participated in the country biggest beauty pageant Lux Channel I Superstar 2006.

As a result of winning lux channel I superstar award Zakia bari momo got the opportunity to perform impress tele-film’s movie 'Daruchini Dip’, in the movie she has shown her terrific performance and got national wide popularity and national film award.

Zakia Bari Momo Photo Gallery:
Zakia Bari Momo
Zakia Bari Momo

Bangladeshi Model Actress Zakia Bari Momo’s Early Life    Zakia bari momo was born on 14 August in Baharampur, Dhaka. From her childhood Bangladeshi model Zakia Bari Mono has great attraction to dancing so she has learnt dancing and she won the crown of  'NUTUN KURI' for dancing. She brought up in a culturally rich family environment. She was a student of drama department in Jahangir Nagar University.  She successfully achieved her honors and masters degree with first class first. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Trino Bangladeshi Model Latest Pictures

Bangladeshi model actress Trino is now a very popular celebrity in Bangladeshi showbiz. She is one of the most bold model actress in the Bangladeshi media industry. She is student of North South University. and Model Trino started her career as a ramp model. Trino worked in music video 'Tumi chokh mele takale' with Bangladeshi model Asif Ahamed. Model recently worked in drama serials 'Veja Veja Bristeta' and 'Cholo Haria Jai.' Actress Trino always dreamed to work in big screen.
Trino Bangladeshi Model
Bangladeshi model Trino

Monday, September 14, 2015

Bangladeshi Actor Fazlur Rahman Babu's Photo Gallery

Fazlur Rahman Babu is renown name is Bangladeshi entertainment arena. He has performed in the most of the Bangladeshi media sector. He won the National Film Award.

Actor Fazlur Rahman Babu was born in Faridpur on 14 July 1960. He started his acting career with Baishakhi Natya Ghosthi in Faridpur. Then he was an employee of Agrani Bank, Faridpur. When he transferred his job in Dhaka, he joined in Mamunur Rashid's Aranyak Natyadal theatre group. With the  Aranyak Natyadal theatre group, he successfully acted in Nankar Pala, Pathar and Moyur Shinghashan.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bangladeshi Top Model Actress Jannatul Ferdous Peya Photo Gallery

Peya, her full name is Jannatul Ferdous Peya is a top model in Bangladeshi entertainment arena. She was the winner of miss Bangladeshi crown. Jannatul Ferdous Peya participated in many local and international beauty pageant contest. Peya is the first Bangladeshi model who weird BIKINI in an international completion. She already performed many Bangladeshi TV drama, TVC and movies. Her first Bangladeshi Bangla movie is 'Chorabali' and her first Bangla Natok is ' To be OR Not To be'.

         Photo Gallery of Bangladeshi model Jannatul Ferdous Peya:

Bangladeshi Top Model Jannatul Ferdous Peya
Bangladeshi Top Model Jannatul Ferdous Peya

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bangladeshi Beautiful Girls Pictures and Latest Model Pictures and Info

Bangladeshi Beautiful Girls Pictures
 There was a time when Bangladeshi Beautiful girls were not interested to work in showbiz because of media's social acceptance. But time has change, now most of the Bangladeshi beautiful girls desire to work in Bangladeshi media industry through news paper, magazine, modeling, ramp modeling, performing in TVC and television drama and film industry both in commercial and art film.  

Friday, December 12, 2014

Bangladeshi Model Actress Ahona's Biography and News

Ahona is a very popular and known name in Bangladeshi media sector. She was born in port city Chittagong on 4th April 1987.  Ahona started her media career after participating in Bangladeshi beauty pageant Binodon Bichitra Photogenic Contest 2006. She was the one of the top five contestant in Binodon Bichitra Photogenic Contest 2006. After Ahona started to perform in various sector.

Bangladeshi model Ahona started performing in television commercials (TVC) after performing in Binodon Bichitra Photogenic Contest 2006. Her notable television commercials are Nescafe, Pran Juice, Transcom Electronics, Jui Coconut Oil, Grammen Phone Djuice,
Bangladeshi Model Actress Ahona
Bangladeshi Model Actress Ahona

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