Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bangladeshi actor model Arefin Shuvo pictures and biography

Bangladeshi actor Arefin shuvo is one of the most talented actor in Bangladeshi film industry. He is a popular TV drama actor also. Arefin shuvo started his media career as a ramp model and he is well known ramp model in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi model Arefin Shuva successfully performed in many Bangladeshi TV commercial advertisements. After many successful drama Arefin Shuva came to Bangladeshi film industry.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Purnima actress latest picture and photos

Purnima actress is a very known name in Bangladeshi movie related entertainment sector. Bangladeshi model Purnima also a successful drama performer and TV model. Purnima started her cinema career when she was only sixteen and in class eight. Bangladeshi actress Purnima is a discover Bangla film director Zakir Hossain and her debut movie is E Jibon Tomar Amar (1997). Her family name is Rita. Actress Purnima successfully performed many Bangla movie.

Bangladeshi model Purnima

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bangladeshi model actress Sumaiya Azgar Raha no more

Sumaiya Azgar Raha:

Bangladeshi model Raha full name is Sumaiya Azgar Raha is no more. She is mysteriously died at her bed room on 22-03-2013 at Mohammedpur, Dhaka. Sumaiya Azgar Raha was very popular and talented model in Bangladeshi media. Sumaiya Azgor Raha was gorgeous ram model also. She performed producer and hero M. A. Jalil movie 'Khoj -The Search' and Sumaiya Azgor Raha was Lux channel I superstar 2007.

Bd model Sumaiya Azgar Raha

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lux Channel I Superstar 2010 Mahbuba Islam Rakhi Pictures

Bangladeshi model Rakhi is most popular model actress in Bangladeshi television and entertainment related media sector. Her full name is Mahbuba Islam Rakhi .There are many Bangladeshi models in the industry but Mahhuba Islam Rakhi is hot sweet and talented model in Bangladeshi media. Bangladeshi model actress Rakhi started her showbiz career with participating Lux Channel I Superstar contest 2010. She own Lux Channel I Superstar award in 2010. Here are some exclusive picture of Lux channel I Superstar Mahbuba Islam Rakhi.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Bangladeshi TV Model Actress Richi Solaiman Pictures

Richi Solaiman is an experienced and talented Bangladeshi media performer. Richi Solaiman is a senior artist in the Bangladeshi media related entertainment sector. Bangladeshi actress Richi Solaiman already performed in many super hit Bangladeshi TV natok. Recently Bangladeshi model Richi Solaiman performed in TV commercial advertisement 'Beoala Soyabin Oil' and 'Robi'. Here some latest picture of Bangladeshi model actress Richi Solaiman.

Actress Richi Solaiman
Actress Richi Solaiman

Lux Channel I Superstar 2007 Bangladeshi Model Actress Bidya Sinha Mim

Bidya Sinha Mim is a very known name in Bangladeshi Showbiz.  Now she is a well established model actress in the Bangladeshi media sector. Bangladeshi actress Bidda Sinha Mim started her media career with Lux Channel I Superstar 2007 beauty hunting contest. Bidda Sinha Mim is the winner of  Lux Channel I Superstar 2007.  ' Daru Chine Depar Desh' is her debut movie which directed by famous Bangladeshi writer and cinema director Humayun Ahamed. After successfully performing in ' Daru Chine Depar Desh' Bangladeshi model Bidya Sinha Mim performs in many Bangladeshi TV commercial advertisements and drama.

Bangladeshi actress Bidya sinha mim

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bangladeshi Model Actress Shoma Picture

Shoma is sweet, cute and talented upcoming Bangladeshi model actress in the media related entertainment industry. Shoma already performed in Bangladeshi biggest beauty hunting show Lux Channel I Superstar. She successfully performed in may TV commercial advertisement and drama. Bangladeshi model actress Shoma comes to audience attention when she performed in Bangladeshi Mobile operator Robi TV commercial 'Valo Thakis Tuktuki'.

Bangladeshi model Shoma
Bangladeshi model Shoma

Friday, March 22, 2013

Bangladeshi actress Moushumi Biswas news picture and biography

Bangladeshi actress Moushumi Biswas is very popular in Bangladeshi entertainment media. Though Moushumi Biswas is not a regular artist in the Bangladeshi media but she is the well established actress in Bangladeshi TV related media. Here is some picture of Bangladeshi actress Moushumi Biswas.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bangladeshi TV actor model film artist Shojol picture

Bangladeshi model actor Shojol is a talented actor in Bangladeshi TV related media. Bd model actor shojol already performed many commercial TV advertisement and established himself as a professional media artist. Bangladeshi model actor Shojol acted many Bangladeshi dramas as a main role. Shojol performed many popular Bangla dram series. Here is the latest picture collection Bangladeshi film actor Shojol.

Bangladeshi TV actor model
Bangladeshi TV actor model

Bangladesh Dhaka tv model Bangla movie hot actress photos

Bangladesh Dhaka TV model hot actress photos collected from various websites for you. Many Bangladeshi website visitors after find some special photos of Bangladeshi showbiz star and general beautiful hot girls. Here I have published some latest photos of Bangladesh Dhaka TV model Bangla movie actress. There are a lot of Bangladeshi Natok releasing day by day and many popular Bangladesh girls perform there as an actress. There are many new coming in the Bangladeshi movie through TV commercial advertisement and Natok. Many TV drama performers perform in the movie and they explore themselves as a talented artist. Here some hot Bangla movie actress photos.


Friday, March 15, 2013

Bangladeshi TV Drama Artist and Movie Actress Bidya Sinha Mim Latest Image and News

Bangladeshi TV actress Bindya sinha Mim  is a very popular and renown name in Bangladeshi television and movie media. She came from Comilla. Mim  was born on 10 November 1988. She came to people's attention with Lux channel I superstar beauty hunting completion but she is in discussion for her excellent performance in media related entertainment sector. Bangladeshi drama performer movie artist Bidya sinha mim also a gorgeous celebrity in Bangladeshi showbiz.   Here are some latest pics of Bd model actress mim.



Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bangladeshi College University Girl Latest Image and Wallpaper

University college is higher educational center for student. To know about girls beauty of a country you can follow the beauty of girls of that country, because the most provably college university is a last educational center for teenage girl and boys. Here I have collected some latest Bangladeshi college university girl Image and Wallpaper.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bangladeshi varsity Girl Unseen Image and Wallpaper

Varsity is a higher educational platform for student . There are many hot and sexy girls in Bangladesh and most of them study in various varsity. Here I have uploaded some beautiful and hot images of Bangladeshi varsity girl.
Bangladeshi varsity Girl
Bangladeshi varsity Girl

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Humaira Himu Bangladeshi Model Actress Exclusive HD Picture and Wallpaper

Humaira himu is very well known name and face in Bangladeshi TV related media. She is very popular and talented model actress. Though Humaira is not always regular in the media but she is very popular actress. Bangladeshi actress Humaira himu started her career as a theater performer after that she performed many popular TV drama and Humaira himu became very popular. Here is some Exclusive HD Picture and Wallpaper of Humaira Himu Bangladeshi Model Actress.


Bangladeshi Hot Model Shimana Latest Picture and Photo

Bd model actress Shimana is one of the popular model actress in Bd television media industry. Bangladeshi is model Shimana is also a gorgeous model actress. Shimana started her media career by Lux channel I superstar contest 2006. Bangladeshi hot model Shimana have already performed in many TV drama she established herself as a professional model actress.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Bangladeshi Drama Artist Latest HD Photo and Picture

Drama, in Bengali called as Natok. There are many types of Bengali Natok Published every day week month year and most of drama broadcast in private TV channel and there are many electronic media in Bangladesh. There is another drama media which is theater and it is the prime industry to making a drama performer. Here I have added some Bangladeshi drama artist latest HD photo and picture.

Bangladeshi Drama Artist
Bangladeshi Drama Artist

Bangladeshi New Generation Hot Model Latest Picture and Photo album

This is a revolutionary time to Bangladeshi modelling industry. Every day we saw there are many new and talented ramp models in the industry. Most of the stay in the industry for long time. They try their best to build up their modelling career strong. After that they participate in the drama, music video and other media related entertainment industry. So far we sow many model build up their career as a professional artist. Here I have included some Bangladeshi new generation hot model latest picture and photo album.

Bangladeshi new model ahona
Bangladeshi new model

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hot Bangladeshi Actress Amrita Khan in Cinema Game

Amrita khan successfully completes her job as one after one. After performing some popular TV commercial advertisement she performed some popular music video and Now Amrita khan acted in Bangladeshi Bangla movie 'GAME'. Know more about Amrita Khan.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Bangladeshi Model Actress Amrita Khan Picture and Biography

 Bangladeshi model Amrita Khan is gorgeous celebrity in Bangladeshi showbiz. She came to Bangladeshi media industry with dancing but she became very popular for her performance in some popular TV advertisement. Bd hot model Amrita Khan came to spot light when she performed in Bangla cinema 'GAME'. Bangladeshi bangla movie Game is her debut film with Bangladeshi model actor Nirob.

Bangladeshi College Girl Hot Picture and Photos

Anybody can take a idea about beautiful girl of a country by look a sight of the country's college girls. Most of beautiful girls study at any college and it is the time of exploring their beauty. Many girl select their profession after completing their college study. In the post I have attached some exclusive picture of Bangladeshi college girls.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bangladeshi actress popy hot picture and photos

Bangla actress popy is an actress of Bangla Movie. She is very popular and famous actress in Bangladesh. She looks gorgeous, sexy and hot. Bangladeshi actress popy like fashion and fashion is her hobby.Bangladeshi hot actress Popy acted many famous and commercially successful movies in Dhallywood. Her famous movie is  " Rani Kuthir Baki Etihas ". Megher Kole Rod, Gonga Jattra, Dorea Parer Douloti"etc and Popy continue performing one after one successful cinema.

Hot Pics of Bangladeshi Model Actress

Bangladesh is a country of natural beauty. Many beautiful girls comes to media to build up their media career and media can make a talented girl as a famous model actress. If you look to model actress of a country you may take a look of that country media star celebrity, because media model actress represents bountifulness of those country's girl. Here some hot pics of Bangladeshi model actress.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bangladesh Dhaka Girls Hot Picture Collection

Dhaka is city of beauty. It is capital city of Bangladesh. There are many beautiful girl in the city. They comes form various remote area. Most of them comes for study or job purpose. After completion their
study they choose their job. There are many world class college, university in the city. Here I have published some hot and sexy Bangladeshi Dhaka girls hot picture.

Chittagong Girls Hot Picture and Photos

Chittagong is port city of Bangladesh. Some times it is called commercial capital of Bangladesh. There are many boys and hot girl studying in various college university, private university in Chittagong. There are many new generation girl and most of them are hot and sexy. Here are some Chittagong girls hot picture and photos.

Bangladeshi Actress Nowshin Latest Picture and news

Talented RJ Nowshin now is very popular actress and model in Bangladeshi media. Bangladeshi actress Nowshin is very bust with her career. She already tied her life with smart and talented artiest Hillol. Bangladeshi model Nowshin already performed many TV advertisement and drama and she became very popular quickly. Here is some latest picture of Bangladeshi actress Nowshin.

Hot Bangladeshi Model Girl Picture

Bangladeshi is country of beauty and there are many hot model girl in Bangladeshi showbiz. There are many new and talented model coming to media day by day and many of them establish their as a professional artist. Here are some hot Bangladeshi model girl picture.

Bangladeshi Actress Shampa Hasnine New Picture and Photo

Shampa Hasnine is a talented movie artiest in Bangladeshi film industry. With in a short time Shampa Hasnine made her a popular and gorgeous actress in Bangladeshi Bangla movie. She already performed many Bangla cinema. Shampa Hasnine started her media career with 'Super hero Super Heroine’ television program.Here some new picture and photo of bd film actress Shampa Hasnine.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Mehrin Islam Nisha Lux Channel I superstar and Popular Model Actress in Bangladeshi TV media

Mehrin Islam Nisha is a very known face in Bangladeshi media. She is also a talented and hot sexy model actress. Mehrin Islam Nisha was a top competitor in  Lux Channel I superstar and Popular Model Actress in Bangladeshi TV media. She came to spot light when she performed in drama serial' Gulshan Avenue'. Here some rare and cute picture collection Bangladeshi model actress Mehrin Islam Nish.

Bangladeshi Model Mousumi Hamid Latest news and Picture

Mousumi Hamid is a one of great artist in Bangladeshi media. Mousumi Hamid is gorgeous and talented star in Bangladeshi showbiz. Mousumi Hamid started her media career as lux superstar and she was Lux channel I Super star 2010 second runner up. Here are some exclusive pictures of Bangladeshi model actress Mousumi Hamid.

Lux Channel I Superstar 2010 Anannaya Ferdoush Ayna Picture and photos

Anannaya Ferdoush Ayna is a hot and beautiful model in Bangladeshi media. Anannaya Ferdoush Ayna was Lux Channel I Superstar 2010. Here is  Anannaya Ferdoush Ayna Picture.

Kazi Subrina Alam Riba Latest Image and Wallpaper

Kazi Subrina Alam Riba is a hot sexy and gorgeous model in Bangladeshi media, she is also a talented artist. Kazi subrina alam riba started her media career as a ramp model. Here are some exclusive picture and wallpaper Bangladeshi actress celebrity Kazi subrina alam riba.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Bangladeshi Bangla Cinema To Be Continue News and Picture

To be continue is an upcoming Bangladeshi Bangla movie by popular and talented dram director Iftakher ahmed Fahmi from Impress telefilm . To be continue is a debut film for Iftakher ahmed Fahmi.New Bangladeshi Bangla Cinema To Be Continue News and Picture.

To Be Continue

New Bangladeshi Bangla Movie A Kemon Premer Golpo News and Picture

Bangladeshi Bangla cinema A kemon premer golpo is based on a love story which made by young bangladeshi director Faisal Roddy & Asif Islam.  It is debuting film for Faisal Roddy & Asif Islam. Popular Bangladeshi drama and film artist Arifin shouvoo, achol, Airin sultana performed as the main role in the movie. Here are some exclusive picture of Bangladeshi film A kemon premer golpo.

A kemon premer golpo

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bangladeshi Movie Actress Model Mahiya Mahi Latest HD Picture and Photos

Mahiya mahi is a new name in Bangladeshi media . She already performed in Bangladeshi Bangla new movie Bhalobashar rong. Bhalobashar rong is her debut film. Mahiya mahi already shown her powerful performing ability to perform any challenging task in media and she is very demandable model actress in Bangladeshi showbiz. Here some latest HD picture and photos of Bangladeshi celebrity Mahiya mahi.

Bangladeshi TV Program Presenter Model Munmun Latest HD Picture and Photos

Munmun is a very popular and talented TV program presenter in Bangladeshi media related industry, she is a gorgeous artiest also. Munmun started her media career as Lux Super star. It was the golden opportunity for munmun to express herself. Bangladeshi model munmun has a sweet personality. Now munmun is very successful model and Television program presenter in Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi model munmun

Friday, March 1, 2013

Musical talent hunt show Bangladeshi Idol going to start on SA TV

World largest and most popular musical talent hunting TV reality show Bangladeshi version Bangladeshi Idol going to start on Bangladeshi satellite television SA TV. Delta Bey distribution and production introduced at a press conference at Hotel Rupashi Bangla. Famous Bangladeshi singer Andrew Kishore, Ferdousi Rahman, Ayub Bachchu,Mehreen will present as judge on the show.

Bangladeshi Idol

Bangla Movie Hotath Brishti News and Picture

Bangla movie Hotath Brishti is a Most Popular Bangla film made by talented director Basu Chatterjee. Here are some exclusive picture and news of Bangla movie Hotath Brishti.

Bangla Movie Hotath Brishti

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