Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bangladeshi Bangla film movie cinema GAME HD picture and information

Bangladeshi Bangla film GAME is made with a real situation of our real life. It is made with real life experience and high thought. Bangladeshi peoples modern life style and their thought described by
director Royel Anik.

The director of Bangladeshi cinema GAME Reyl Anik presented Bangladeshi young generations sentiment with his film GAME.

               Some basic information about Bangladeshi film GAME given below:

Name of the film: GAME
Artists: Nerob,Amrita, Irfan khan,Mukit jakaria etc.
Music director: Arifin Rumey, Showkat ali emon, Hridoy khan etc.
Release: No announced
Director: Royel Anik
Singer: Kona, Nancy,Arifin Rumey,Hridoy khan etc.

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